#097 SWEET

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Sweet A Shimmering French White with colorful chunks of glitter Acrylic mix which will surely soften you up.


 Also in this Nail Picture #109 Giggly (Bright Yellow & White Shimmer mix) & #23 Shy (Solid COver Pink)

1/3oz Professional Glitter Acrylic Designer nail powder (each covers at least 250 nail designs)
Tye's Dyes Designer Acrylics are all Pre-mixed with a self-leveling,
perfect setting acrylic color powder with Glitter, shells, Confetti,Tints and even MYLAR!
You won't believe how amazing these Professional Acrylic Nail mixes are!
And we show you How to apply them into fun Acrylic Nail Designs...Check out our video page or step by step tutorials