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Wishful A Cranberry Red Acrylic for a dream come true night! 1/3oz Professional Glitter and Mylar Acrylic Nail Mixes. (each mix covers at least 250 nail designs) Tye's Dyes Designer Color Acrylic powders are all Pre-mixed with Glitter, shells, Confetti,Tints and even MYLAR! You won't believe how amazing these Professional Acrylic Nail mixes are!The Glitter and Acrylic are already mixed together. No mixing nail glitters. Open the jar and start amazing your clients. No more wasting time mixing! We show you How to apply them into fun Acrylic Nail Designs too...Check out ourTutorials or Nail Images Buy the whole Collection: "Time Square" Glitter and acrylic all premixed and ready to use! No mixing required. Nail Kits for nail professionals: