Christmas Nails Mylar fade

12th Nov 2011


Christmas Nails with Mylar are great for New Years too. CHeck out this easy way to do nails:

1.  Apply product medium wet to cuticle area. We use #23 Shy (Cover Pink Powder)


2. Spread the product across the nail and feather down across the remainder of the bed getting thinner as you go.


3. Start at free-edge for the darker color, use a fairly dry ball, guide it from side to side across the width of the nail.

We used #151 Joyous (red Chritmas mix)


4. Feather part of the ball upwards toward the nail bed thinning out as you go.


5. Next, apply a medium wet ball of mylar and glitter mixed acrylic. We used #152 Traditional


6. Spread the mix upward toward the cuticle and downward toward the free edge with light feather strokes. 


7. Cap with Clear acrylic, and finish.


Fun and easy Christmas and Holiday festive nails!

Colors available in the "Son of a Nutcracker" Collection