Fast Fills to disguise grow out

1st Nov 2011

How to fill in the smile line grow out without taking all day to do a nail fill...

Disguise the grow out instead of redoing the smile line.

Step 1: Shred through the smile line with our XXCoarse Tapered Bit


Step 2: Thin out the rest of the nail a little.


Step 3: Prepare natural nail and cuticle for new acrylic. Cuticle Bit


Step 4: Apply one of our shimmering chunky glitter mixes to the valley you created.

We used #73 Sentimental  from "Like a Virgin" Wedding Collection


Step 5: Spread the product upward and trickle down toward free edge.


Step 6: Presto! Beautiful and FAST! A quick alternative Acrylic nail fill to refilling the smile line.