LeChat Jupiter Spectra gel polish

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WARNING! THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT SHIP OVERSEAS Jupiter Spectra ] Teal holographic glitter. Rainbows at your fingertips! Meet Spectra: This holographic, ultra-pigmented polish creates an intense solar flare effect in direct light. Easy application, quick soak off High gloss shine that lasts for weeks LED/UV cured No running, shrinking or color fading Comes with FREE color matching Dare to Wear® Nail Lacquer for touch-ups and perfectly matched manicures to pedicures. Step 1: Prep nails for gel polish application. Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Perfect Match Gel Polish. Cure in lamp for 30 seconds. Step 3: Apply another thin layer of polish and cure again. Repeat one more time if needed. Step 4: Apply Perfect Match High Gloss Top Gel Sealer and cure for one minute. Wipe tacky residue from nails with lint-free wipe and cleanser.