12th Nov 2011

Oh the weather outside is frightful

And your nails are so delightful

but your product sets up way too slow

What to do, What to do, What to do…


Warm it up, Warm it up, Warm up everything,

Warm up hands, Warm up liquid, Warm up powder too OH

Warm it up, Warm it up, Warm up everything,

Once it’s warm, then you’ll see,

your product will set up speed ily


Tips for speeding up acrylic application time and adding strength:

Every time you add a foreign particle to acrylic powder, it slows down the setting time and breaks down the strength of the acrylic.

Beacause we love to pack our powders full of fun things, here are a few ways you can ensure a great set of nails in a resonable amount of time...

1. Keep everything warm around you, if you or your client has poor circulation in hands, the product will set up very slow. Warm up before application. Use a heating pad, warm water, warming plates, heated rice pillows. etc.

2. Encase the Glitter mixes inbetween clear acrylic. This will add extra strength!

3. If you want to really speed things up... pour a drop or two of acetone, alcohol or polish remover to your monomer right before applying it. Woo Hoo, it speeds things up tremendously. Just dont use too much! This technique is great for 3D Nail art too. No more chasing product around. Who has time for that?