Square Pegs Collection

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Square Pegs Collection

We do the work for you! We mix the color...you make it amaZing!!

Glitter and Acrylic already mixed into the acrylic Nail Powder. Some Acrylic powders are mixed with Mylar, Confetti, Tints, and sea shells!

Purchase these amazing mixes individually:

#75 Rebel , #78 Foxy  , #131 Quirky , #132 Airhead , #133 Shook  , #134 Misunderstood

1/3oz Professional Glitter Acrylic Nail Mixes. 
You won't believe how amazing these Professional Acrylic Nail mixes are!The Glitter and Acrylic are already mixed together.
No mixing nail glitters. Open the jar and start amazing your clients. No more wasting time mixing!