Step by Step Tutorial Mylar Application

23rd Sep 2011

mylar-1.jpgTye's Dyes Acrylic Mylar Application Tutorial:

Step 1. Feather a small amount of dark color to the end of the nail,

which adds depth of color.

We used #32 Rich.






Step 2. Using Acrylic Powder by Tye's Dyes Pre-mixed powders with Mylar and Glitter,

Pick up a medium wet ball. Important: Keep product on one side of the brush.

We used #88 Dillusional.







Step 3. The easiest way to apply Mylar:

Apply the product upside down and slide your brush out from underneath!

EASY! No more hassles with Mylar!






Step 4. Let the product melt onto the nail,

lightly guide it into place.








Step 5. For more depth of color, we added #8 Jaded glitter acrylic mix

by Tye's Dyes around the smile line and lightly feather over the mylar mix.








Step 6. Always cap glitter and mylar with Clear for optimum results.